Black, White, & Glitter Room Decor


I’ve finally finished my room after working on it and getting all my ideas together collectively since January. A black and white theme with touches of gold in my opinion is a classic but also keeps up with modern times. I have become so in love with my room that I never want to leave !


Gold foil lips on canvas was a steal at only $25 from Hobby Lobby. Originals can go up to $200 so if you can find a good knockoff or even have the skills to do it yourself go right ahead!

“New York” & “Haute Mess” wall art was actually a DIY project I decided to do was made simply on Word and I put them in inexpensive picture frames from Walmart.


The hanging tissue paper poms were also a simple DIY project that took less than an hour to do. There are various tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube if you’re interested in the different ways you can make them.

“Be Bold Be Fear Less” caught my eye the moment I walked into Franchesca’s with the gold glitter which is one thing I am obsessed with! This store has the best cute and unique novelty items that are perfect for gifts or for home decor along with some of the latest fashions. Direct link to this wall art & more here .


On one side of my bed I have an 18 shoe holder unit where I keep my flats and sandals at. On top, I pulled inspiration from Pinterest on how I should decorate a “night stand”. Instead of coffee table books, I used my school yearbooks since the covers of them are black and go perfectly with my theme. I love white flowers and roses so I got some fake ones from craft store and neatly placed them into a modern cube vase. I also wanted to show my love for makeup so I saved a Sephora and Bobbi Brown bag to add a few accents.


As for the other side of my bed, I have a 6 drawer Alex unit from IKEA to store more of my makeup and hair products. Being that this storage unit is so wide, it gave me enough room on top to decorate and display more of my obsessions like sunglasses which I cant seem to get enough of. I also keep my nail polishes here, some in a candy jar and some that were small enough to fit in lipstick holder from Marshall’s. I like to keep my notebooks here too in easy reach for me to jot down ideas and organize myself for future blog posts.


This corner I decided will be changing with the seasons and that is why it currently has pumpkins on it. The “A” is from Target but you can easily get it at any craft store and just as I did, glued some (a lot) of glitter on it lol. I just can’t get enough of the glitter ! The pumpkins and all the pillows on my bed are also from Target, which has the best home decor EVER ! Trust me, you will leave that store with more things than you wanted..

I am so happy with how my room turned out and can’t wait to enjoy my days blogging on this pillow filled bed !


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